Hire Big Idea To Help Bring Your Filmmaking Ideas To Life

Big Idea has over fifteen years of combined  experience in independent filmmaking. We got into the video production business because we have a passion for creating visual stories.

Selfie Nation

One of our latest pieces is a 5 minute comedy that was created for a recent film challenge. It’s called Selfie Nation and won the first place audience award at the 2014 Vintage Theater Film Fest in Scranton. We created this film in two weeks

Selfie Nation from Big Idea Photo and Video on Vimeo.

Peter Rozig

Embedded below is an example of a short film that Big Idea was hired to co-produce for an actor who needed to showcase his skills in a demo reel. The actor had an existing stage play that he wanted to adapt into a screenplay. His plan was to film the screenplay and use it as a sample of his dramatic acting skills. Big Idea also found this project beneficial because it helps us demonstrate our film making and post-production skills when working under a tight deadline. If you like the quality of this video, just imagine what we could have accomplished with more time to plan; this project was sprung on us at the last moment. We had less than 48 hours to plan, cast, and shoot. We feel it came out great regardless of the short preparation time.


ShowDown is a short film promotional spot that Big Idea, along with some friends to form 5 Man Army productions, created this summer to air on TV for the Scranton Railriders televised games.

These films are a sample of what Big Idea can bring to the film making table.

Let’s Work Together To Bring Your Film To Life

First things first, we shoot all of our projects with professional equipment, and we rent the proper equipment needed to best realize your idea. If your project needs to be shot in 4k, or super slow mo, then we account for what is needed in the budget. We do not cut corners. We will never try and fool you into thinking you can get away with doing something cheaply just to get your business when in reality it’s not going to turn out like you wanted it in the end.

We realize that money is a huge factor for people. We realize filmmakers are often on shoestring budgets (We’ve been there!). However sometimes there’s no shortcuts for quality. If we feel we can properly execute your vision by using less expensive equipment than you thought, then great! But if it’s going to take more than what you expected, we will not be shy in letting you know. We will never sacrifice our integrity and promise you the world for fear of not getting a sale, and then deliver a sub par product.  We hope you see that as something valuable in a production company.

We can get involved from the ground floor with script writing or critique, storyboarding and shot planning, or just hop on board for production or post. Contact us for rates and availability.